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Visit from Google

On Friday 3rd February, Dan from Google visited the school equipped with 60 Android phones and 60 Google Cardboards to promote usage of the free Google app, Google Expeditions. Each class pre-selected an expedition and spent half an hour exploring:


Class Expedition

Dove and Canaries

Buckingham Palace


Roald Dahl: Phizz-Whizzing


The Great Barrier Reef

Starlings and Barn Owls





Ancient Greek Art

Kingfisher and Osprey

World War I

Nightjars and Hummingbird

Aztec and Mayan Ruins


Should you wish to download and try the app, it can be downloaded and used free of charge for any device running iOS (8.0 or later) or Android (4.4 – KitKat or later).


The app will work without the Google Cardboard, but it will not be as immersive. The Google Cardboard, which can be used with other compatible apps, can be purchased from various outlets (the official one is around £12), but the instructions to make one can also be downloaded for free.


From the noise the children made when experiencing their expedition, it was clear they really enjoyed the session - as did the staff!


Further Information:

Google Expeditions website:


Google Expeditions app for Android:


Google Expeditions app for iOS:


Google Cardboard (scroll further down that page to view DIY instructions):


More pictures to follow: