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September 2017

Settling in and finding our feet. A few pictures from our first weeks in Duckling Class, you can see we have been making the most of the Autumn sunshine!

On Thursday we had the claves out and played along to some of our favourite songs.  On Friday we had the instruments and microphones out on the stage so we got a chance to be performers and musicians.
We found a very hairy caterpillar in our den area on Friday so we got the magnifiers out to have a closer look. At snack time we looked on Google to see if we could find out what kind of caterpillar it was and we decided it looked most like a 'Tussock Moth Caterpillar.'  Some of us were fascinated and watched it for a long time, it walked around the edge of the table quite quickly and then did some 'dangling.'  It also curled up in a ball when it was fed up with being observed! We also spotted a slightly less exciting snail!