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Singing Children of Africa

The Singing Children of Africa were at school with us for the day as part of their Smile tour and it was certainly a great experience for all of us.  As well as performing short concerts for each Key Stage and giving us an insight into what life is like in a rural Kenyan village the choir spent time in all the classrooms sharing in a wide variety of activities including country dancing, mask making, building a model of ‘The Iron Man’ and art work related to Bridgwater carnival. There was also a hotly contested football match at lunch time!


The singing was fantastic and the children’s smiles were infectious but most of all we were left with a better understanding of how much we take for granted and how opportunities in life are not the same for everybody around the world.


As a result of the non – uniform day and cake sale we held we were able to give the charity that supports the choir £475 to help them to continue to support the children with their education. Further information about the choir can be found at


Videos and pictures of the choir performing can be found here.